Roger Gracie

Roger Gracie is a world-famous practitioner of BJJ and MMA. He is the grandson  the founder of the art, Carlos Gracie. The Gracie family has been the driving force in the growth of BJJ and the revolution in the martial arts community. Roger has put together a team of instructors from Brazil and other parts of the world, all trained to the highest standards of BJJ instruction. Together, they teach the Gracie family’s system of BJJ at the world famous Roger Gracie Academy in London and our associated schools throughout the UK and the rest of the world. The Roger Gracie has won the most world championships then anybody in history making him the greatest BJJ competitor.


2 Responses to Roger Gracie

  1. uma forma espetacular de aprender jiu jitsu com os melhores e ainda viajar e conhecer outros lugares

  2. quero participar pois e um horgulho pra nosso pais e adebitos da arte suave e com os precussores dessa maravilha luta.

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