The Gracie Adventure Camp was created to provide you the highest quality in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction from members of the legendary Gracie family, while experiencing different cultures around the world. Our professors promise to provide a unique and productive training experience to students of all levels.

Our adventure camps combine top-quality Jiu-Jitsu training with an all-access pass to enjoy tourism in the host country. Come sharpen your skills, meet friends and training partners and make memories to last a lifetime.

The Logo

Our logo was inspired by travel, adventure and by the Brazilian flag. At the center of the design is a wind rose or compass. The blue circle behind the compass represents the earth and the stars spread over the earth are an interpretation of the stars on the Brazilian flag. The explorers who sailed the earth hundreds of years ago used the wind rose and the stars to guide them on their journeys. We are a Brazilian family that traces its roots back to Scotland. Our family is now spread throughout Brazil, the US and several countries all over the globe. We invite you to travel with us as we share our gentle art with the world.


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