Kyra Gracie Camp – Just For Girls!

I’m here to invite you for  the second  Kyra Gracie Camp, the only BJJ camp just for girls.
After a great success from the last year, we have everything set for our next one.Come to Brazil to have the best BJJ experience from your life, you will have the opportunity to train with me everyday, visit my social project, go to the Beach, sightseeing….
Sugar Loaf

Training at Instituto Kapacidade with Kyra’s kids

Our  camp will  combine top-quality Jiu-Jitsu training with an all-access pass to enjoy tourism in Brazil. Come sharpen your skills, meet friends and training partners and make memories to last a lifetime

Hiking at Pedra da Gavea
Girls ONLY Training
What´s included:

– Double room at Royalty Hotel in Barra
– Everyday breakfast
– Sugar Loaf tour
– Corcovado tour
– Jiu-Jitsu training everyday
– 2 semi-private class with Kyra Gracie
– 1 private class with Kyra Gracie
– Training with Kyra Gracie
– Visit Kyra Gracie’s social project
– Transportation to all activities including transfer from and to airport
– Ginástica Natural training at the beach
– Certificated signed by Kyra Gracie
– Visit Rio secrets spots, beaches, waterfalls
– Pedra da Gávea trekking
– Yoga Training at the beach


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